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Blakedown Church of England Primary School

Who's Who

Please see the documents below for names and responsibilities of the staff currently in the school.

Mrs Beckford-Bond: Headteacher
Mrs Nash: Deputy Head/Reception Teacher & SENCO
Miss Low: Assistant Head/Class 5 Teacher/ KS1 Leader
Mrs Schwartz: Reception Class Teacher
Mrs Edmunds: Class 1/Year 1 Teacher
Miss Waldron: Class 2/Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Anderson: Class 3/Year 3 Teacher
Miss Jones:  Class 4 / Year 4 Class Teacher
Mr Eaton: Class 6 /Year 6 Teacher (Interim KS2 Leader)
Miss Alton: Class 3/Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Marshall: Music Teacher/PPA Teacher/Thrive Practitioner
Mr Newbold: PE Co-Ordinator
Mrs Thomas: Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs John: Class 1
Teaching Assistant
Miss Cassidy: Class 2 Teaching Assistant
Miss Leach: Class 2 & 1:1 Teaching Assistant/ Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Chance: Class 3 & 4 Teaching Assistant/Thrive Practitioner
Mrs Smith: Class 5 & 6 Teaching Assistant
Miss Jones: Class 5 & 1:1 Teaching Assistant/ Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Wheadon: Office Administrator
Mr Wood: Finance Officer/Wrap Administrator
Mrs Humble: Wrap Manager

            Mrs Hollow:             Lunchtime Supervisor & Wrap Around Care Assistant

Mrs Pendry:
Wrap Around Care Assistant
Mrs Cunliffe: Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Kerfoot: Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Shoring: Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Tolley: Cleaner in Charge
Mrs Graystone: Cleaner

Miss Sault: Class 2 & 1:1 Teaching Assistant