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Blakedown Church of England Primary School

Parent Forum

Your Invitation to Join Blakedown CE Primary School's Parent Forum Group



We are delighted to be able to invite you to participate in a new and very exciting initiative.  We are looking for ways to involve parents as much as possible in the life of the school and some decision making.  To this end, we are planning to form a Parents’ Focus group which will play a central role in evaluating current school procedures and proposed new initiatives.

The main aims of the Parents’ Focus group are:

  • To more fully account for parents’ views in decision making
  • To assist us in offering parents a greater opportunity to become involved in their children’s learning
  • To assist us in placing parents in an improved position to help their children with school work
  • To provide us with feedback on key issues such as how the school communicates with parents

What we would like from you as a member of the Focus Group:

  • A willingness to participate in surveys about new ideas and initiatives
  • A desire to air your views about the school and how it operates
  • A willingness to attend several meetings per school year ( 1-2 per term)
  • A desire to continue to improve school in a positive forum