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Blakedown Church of England Primary School

Home Learning

Weekly Homework Tasks

Below is a grid containing a variety of short homework activities.

Please choose 1 task to complete each week – at least one per row.

Home Reading

Reading is so important: it could be fiction, non-fiction, magazines, websites – anything! Your child should be encouraged to read a range of texts for pleasure as well as for real life situations, not just the book they bring from home from school.

Reading to your child is really valuable for all children, so even a bedtime story counts!

Reading aloud with an adult is important throughout the primary years. Even if your child is a fluent reader, having a discussion about the story (for example, the characters’ personalities and actions, the ‘wow words’ used by the author, making predictions, answering a range of questions about their reading) is a valuable way to develop reading skills.

Please encourage your child to read daily and nurture their love of books. Please record all reading completed in your child's reading journal. Do not forget that re-reading books is important and valuable in helping your child to develop their reading fluency. Don't forget to discuss new vocabulary and explain what it means as well as putting it into context so that your child can experiment with using it correctly in their own verbalised and written sentences.