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World Book Day activities

World Book Day 2021: Author & Illustrator Academy: Jess French

PROTECT THE PLANET with Jess FrenchLearn all about how to be an earth warrior! Jess French, author of £1 book Protect the Planet, shares tips on easy everyda...

Watch the YouTube video and then have a go at at least one of the activities below.


An extract of this book is on this page too.


Activity one:

Consider why the Earth is a beautiful place that deserves our protection. Split a sheet of paper into three sections – label the sections LAND, SEA and SKY – and write down or draw any words, ideas or images that you think of in the boxes. When you have written your initial ideas down, choose one of the categories and create a collage to show why it deserves our protection.




Activity two:

Write a letter to one of your friends or family detailing all the important things you’ve learned about how you can protect the planet – try to include some of the facts and important information from the video!




Activity three:

If you would like to do something more arty, then read a Fairy Tale and have a go at the activity on Tate Kids below.




Activity four:

Design a Superhero character and write your own story about how they save the planet.


I look forward to seeing which activity you chose to complete.

Extract of Protect the Planet book.