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Weekly Spelling Task

To be tested 22.01.20



cereal For breakfast I eat cereal.

serial - Scientists made serial observations over a period of two weeks.

check I will check the train times for our trip to Birmingham.

cheque “I will write a cheque to pay for your school dinners,” said Mum.

through “Shall we walk through the park on our way home today?” asked Pheobe.

threw She threw her towel on the ground as she rushed to the pool.

draft “Will you listen to the draft on my speech?” the Queen asked Philip.

draught -  Since Billy didn't shut the glass door completely, his mom could feel a small draught.

stares “Everyone stares at me and I don’t like it!” said the annoyed pop star.

stairs “Go up the stairs to brush your teeth and get ready for bed.” said Mum.