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Weekly Core Learning

The government have released new guidance today to promote the following online resources:




Both websites have daily learning scheduled to give some structure to each day/week. I have briefly explored both and I think they will be great tools to use. I had not had access to either website when I planned this weeks learning but I hope to include them in the home learning tasks I set for future weeks. For now if you would like to give one of the websites a try I would recommend the Oak Academy poetry unit to you. I have had a go at it and I think it is really good. Miss W laugh

Hi Year 4.

I have also added some learn screens and activities to Education City for a variety of subjects in case you fancy something different (I know many of you enjoy Education City).


Please don't stress if you find any of the work tricky, I know trying to work from home is very different. Just do what you can and keep positive.


Miss W smiley