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Wednesday 6th January

Reading - re-reading a text is good to develop fluency and understanding. Make sure you find the answers in the text. Use a highlighter or underline when you spot them.

In Numeracy, we are moving on to look at the 8 times table. It might be a good idea to watch the song video a couple of times first to practice the 8 times table. You could also write out the 8 times table to use during the video and worksheet.


You might find some of this a little challenging but don't panic- just try your best and with practice you will be able to say your 8 times tables in your sleep! I will add a slightly simpler activity sheet at the bottom for those who find the White Rose worksheet to challenging at the moment.


I have also added the 8 times table on TT Rockstars for you to practice.

Print out the 100 grid and colour in every 8th square to get the 8 times table. Or you could colour the numbers as they are used in the 8 times table song.

Cut up the cards and play a matching game with a grown up- see who gets the most pairs. Or time yourself to match all the pairs.

Simplified 8 times table sheet if needed

Literacy & Art

Continuing with our work on 'The Beasties'. I would like you to develop your own Beastie to use next week in your own story. Please consider what body parts it will have, it's size, colour, how it moves, it's character and voice. You should aim to write at least half a page describing your beastie.


You should be using expanded noun phrases to describe them.

E.g. It has long, black hair.

You may like to use a dictionary or thesaurus to find some exciting descriptive vocabulary.



For your art work today, I would like you to draw, paint, model or use whatever art materials you have available to create your beastie.

In school we will be doing PE

If you have an activity that you like doing with your family- that is fine to do. We love to go walking as a family and I know lots of you now have dugs and puppies that need to be walked each day.

If you would like I have added the link to the fitness workout we enjoyed on Monday.