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Wednesday 3rd February

Teams call today at 9.45 - try to join us if you can.


Mental Health - Gratitude




Place the spellings in these sentences. You can print them out on the page below.

  1. The prince rode up _______ on his beautiful white horse.
  2. The servants bowed ________ as the princess arrived.
  3. That is _________ the best pudding I have ever eaten!
  4. He was seated ____________ in the big, leather armchair.
  5. My friend plays the violin ___________ well.
  6. The wind blew ________ in the tops of the trees.
  7. I ________ don’t like sprouts, and that’s that!
  8. It all went _________ wrong.
  9. The skier landed _________ and broke her leg.
  10. Pigs cannot _________ fly!




Art and DT

Follow these links below to find instructions for making your own origami box.

(or find one that you like)

Story time