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Wednesday 20th January

If you are able to join us for the Teams session this morning, please bring some paper and a pencil.







Copy out the following sentences putting in the correct spellings as you go. Use the spelling sheet from Monday to make sure you spell them correctly.

1. The knight _________ fought the fierce dragon.

2. When the train________ arrived at the station there were many passengers waiting.

3. The girl smiled __________ at the boy on the slide.

4. At the weekend we ____________ go for a long walk.

5. The children _________ pointed at the man in the broken down lorry.

6. Sam ___________ took the last biscuit without anyone seeing.

7. The children __________ disagreed with cancelling the playtime.

8. Tom pedalled __________ to get home before the storm began.

9. The boy __________ helped the old lady with her shopping.

10. Once the children were all _______ buckled in Mum could drive off.



Today's lesson focuses on speed bouncing.


The video I would like you to watch is only short but you can repeat it as many times as you like so you can see what the artist is doing. 

Start with the stick man standing, then running and then draw the sausage shapes where shown.

Once you have tried drawing the person standing and running, see what other poses you can draw a person in?