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Wednesday 16th December


Watch the video, working out the calculations as you go and then complete the worksheet below. If you write out the answers in your book instead of printing out the worksheet make sure you write the title in your book so I know which piece of work it is.

A simpler 4x table activity for anyone struggling with the main White Rose sheet.


Use the 'On Rocky Ground' text for the last time to answer the multiple choice questions attached below.



We should have been getting outside for some P.E. with Mr Newbold today, so here are a range of activities that you can select from to suit the resources and space you have at home.

2pm Online Catch up via Teams   


 (Invites will be sent to school email addresses)


Have your best Christmas joke ready to share with everyone.

If it goes well -we may try a quiz on Friday!




There are some Rock and Fossil activities for you to try on Education City. Log in with your user name and password to try them.

If you try the Assessment quiz. Don't worry about your score as there are things that we have not yet covered, like soils. We will do this later in the year when we look at plants.

Just have a go and see what you know.