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Tuesday 24th

Good Morning Year 3


We have made it to the last day! Do your best with the tasks again today. You are doing fabulous!

I'm looking forward to being back in school with you again tomorrow. I have checked the weather and I've got my fingers crossed that we will be able to get out to play at break and lunch time for some fresh air and a run around.


Today you have Numeracy, Literacy and Music. Last week, I saw some brilliant drumming videos and photos on the home learning email. Such concentration!


In Numeracy you need to use your subtraction and addition skills to check your answers. Watch the video to get the idea and complete the sheet.


In Literacy you will be looking at 'Summaries'. A summary is a short description of the text in question, E.g. A cook book tells me what ingredients I need to make different recipes and how I need to do it.


See you tomorrow

Mrs Andersonlaugh



Alternative addition and subtraction calculations