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Tuesday 23rd February



For your written task today, I would like you to retell the story 'Stranded' from Tim's point of view. You will need to write in the first person imagining that you are Tim.

I have written a recount from Dad's point of view, which you can read and use for support and ideas.


  • You can use the original story and my recount from Dad's point of view for key vocabulary, meaning there should be no issue with spelling words that are in the original text. 
  • Use short sentences to build tension and anticipation.
  • Explain your feelings and how they change throughout the sailing experience. 
  • You can retell it as a recount, or in the form of a diary entry or a letter from Tim to a friend or relative.



EXTENSION ACTIVITY-There are a couple of further activities on My Maths to challenge yourselves if you wish.


The link for today's music lesson PowerPoint has been sent to your school email addresses.

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