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Tuesday 15th December

Online Catch up

I am going to try organising an online Teams meeting

for Class 3 so that we can all catch up.

I will send you the details via your school emails. 

We will have the meeting at 2pm on Wednesday 16th December.

Please have a Christmas joke ready to share with everyone. 

Looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces

Mrs Andersonsmiley 

Good Morning

You will be working on the 4 times table again today, focussing on division facts, so you can use all of the links to songs and videos from yesterday to practice before completing the activity.



Watch the video, working out the calculations as you go and then complete the worksheet below. If you write out the answers in your book instead of printing out the worksheet make sure you write the title in your book so I know which piece of work it is.


Use the text "On Rocky Ground" to help you answer the sequencing questions.

You may like to use a highlighter to highlight where in the text you find the different statements.

Literacy and Art

Complete the Art and Literacy activity linked below. You can use any art resources you have at home, crayons, felt tip, paints etc. You can simply draw if you have no colouring resources.