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Thursday 12th


Please watch the video that is linked below and then complete the activity sheet that you can find attached below the video link.

Aut3.7.5 - Add two 3-digit numbers - crossing 10 or 100

This is "Aut3.7.5 - Add two 3-digit numbers - crossing 10 or 100" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

​​​​​​Literacy / Topic

Please watch the video 'Life in the Middle Stone Age' taken from the BBC Teach website introducing the Stone Age - It will tell you lots about what life was like then. You might need to watch it a couple of times and write some notes about what people ate, what they did, how they lived etc.


For your literacy task, please write a diary entry imagining that you are one of the characters in the video. Remember to:

  •        Write in the past tense.
  •        Use time connectives like first, next, later, after.
  •        Use expanded noun phrases
  •        Use powerful verbs and adverbs
  •        Including your thoughts and feelings.