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Thursday 7th January

Numeracy -

Today we will be thinking about dividing a number by 8. Use the multiplication facts that you worked on yesterday.

If you are working out 64 divided by 8 you would need to count up how many 8s you have coloured on the hundred grid up to 64. You should have coloured in 8. So 64 divided by 8 = 8.

Complete the triangles and record the fact statements for each. There will be two multiplication and two division statements for each triangle.

Divide by 8 worksheet


Today I would like you to read the story of 'The Beasties' and find all the words and phrases that tell you, where or when something happened. You should underline all the 'where' words and phrases in one colour and the 'when' words and phrases in another colour.

The story is linked below.


The first sentence is...

The Beasties came to Daisy's house on a night when she couldn't sleep.

Where did they come? - to Daisy's house.

When did they come? - On a night when she couldn't sleep.


Highlight all the where and when words and phrases you can find.