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Monday 25th January 2021.


WAL about Mary Seacole and why she is a significant person in history.


Look at the BBC Bitesize videos and resources about Mary Seacole. 


​​​​​​She is a famous nurse from the past.

She is famous because she was determined to help at the Crimean war, even when people said they didn't need her help. She used her own money to set up ' The British Hotel' where she looked after and fed soldiers. She also went to the battlefields where she not only helped British but also enemy soldiers too.


When the war was over, Mary was very poor as she had used most of her own money to help others in the war. She wrote a book to raise money and tell people about her travels but sadly for a long time, her effort and contribution to the war was forgotten. 


Write some sentences of your own about Mary Seacole. You can present this as a fact file if you like.

There is a word bank to help you.

I would also like you to write a sentence to explain why Mary Seacole is an important person from history.