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Weekly Spellings

Your child will be expected to learn spellings from a weekly list and also any individual words they have been given. Learning the spellings for just a short time each day is more effective than leaving it all to the last minute. Your child's weekly spellings can be found on this page along with the 'Be a Spelling Star' grid of activities.


Your child will complete their spelling test on a Monday in their school spelling book. The test will comprise of some dictated sentences as well as the spelling of individual words. Your child will receive their test score on Tuesday along with any words they spelt incorrectly. For those words that were incorrectly spelt these will be recorded on your child's zone card to share with you at home.

Summer Term Spellings

There will be no set spellings for the first Monday after half term, 6th June.

The second part of the Summer Term will be spent learning and embedding the key words taken from the National Curriculum for Year 3 and 4 (see the National Expectations link towards the top of the list). The children have already been tested on some of these words as I have tried to include them in prior tests.

The children will receive 10 words from this list on Monday 6th June in preparation for their next test on the 13th June.

Spring Term Spellings


Autumn Term Spellings