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Tuesday 23rd February 2021.


Science: WALT observe and describe how seeds grow into mature plants.


WALT find out and describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy.


Follow the link below and interact with the lesson from Oak National.


If you don't have the resources suggested for this lesson, then you can watch what the teacher does or plant any other seeds that you may have at home. Give them what they need to grow and observe how they change and grow over time.


Cress seeds are good if you want to see this happen quite quickly.

Optional additional activity:

You can use this diary to record how you planted your seed, what equipment you needed and to draw and write what you observe (see) each week, as you look after your seed and give it what it needs. This will help you to notice how the seed grows and changes over time, as it grows into a mature plant. If you plant a different type of seed, you can cross out bean and replace this with the type of seed you have planted.

What do plants need to survive? | Primary Biology - Plants

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