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School Staff

Please see the documents below for names and responsibilities of the staff currently in the school.

Picture 1 Mrs Beckford-Bond: Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Nash: Assistant Head/Reception Teacher & SENCO
Picture 3 Miss Low: Class 1/Year 1 Teacher/ KS1 Leader
Picture 4 Miss Edmunds: Class 2/Year 2 Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs Schwartz: Class 2/Year 2 Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs Anderson: Class 3/ KS2 French Teacher
Picture 7 Miss Waldron: Class 4/Year 4 Teacher
Picture 8 Miss Alton: Class 5/Year 5&6 Teacher/KS2 Leader
Picture 9 Mrs Marshall: Music Teacher/Reception Cover
Picture 10 Mr Newbold: PE Co-Ordinator
Picture 11 Mrs Lawrence: Office Administrator/Finance
Picture 12 Mrs Astbury: Office Administrator/Finance
Picture 13 Mrs Tromans: Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Mrs Thomas: Reception Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mrs Clements: Class 1 Teaching Assistant
Picture 16 Mrs John: Class 2 Teaching Assistant
Picture 17 Miss Chance: Class 3 Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Mrs Smith: Class 4 Teaching Assistant
Picture 19 Mrs Sheffield: Office/TA Support
Picture 20 Mrs Tolley: Cleaner in Charge
Picture 21 Mrs Graystone: Lunchtime Supervisor/Cleaner
Picture 22 Mrs Carter: Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 23 Mrs Humble: Lunchtime Supervisor/TA Support
Picture 24 Miss Edwards: Lunchtime Supervisor