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Recognition Board Awards



The children who have been recognised as showing a consistent effort with their learning and socialising attitude for the week ending 8th November 2019 are:


Archie:  For helping to stack, move and put away wet tyres on the playground without being asked and also for being generally helpful.

Claudia:  For always working hard, producing her best and challenging herself.

Eres:  For consistently trying her best in all lessons.

Fern:  For her super understanding about her emotions and feelings and those of others.

Florence:  For working hard to improve her listening skills and focus.

Callum:  For consistently hard work with his spellings

Zzak:  For showing super determination and focus in maths during multiplication lessons.

Esme:  For a consistent learning attitude and perseverance when faced with a challenge.

Amaya:  For a super attitude to learning and always trying her best.

Bethany:  For consistently trying her best in all lessons.

Yasmina:  For always working hard to produce her best work.

Daniel: For a super attitude to learning a new musical skill.

Sebastian:  For always applying himself and working hard to produce the best work he can.

Flynn:  For being considerate and helpful and using his initiative.

Eva:  For consistently outstanding behaviour and working to he best of her abilities.