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Welcome to Reception!

Teacher:  Mrs Nash

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Thomas

Specialist Teachers:  Mrs Anderson (French); Mrs Marshall (Music); Miss Yenson (P.E.)




Class News


Look here regularly to find out all about our learning!


To complete our topic we had a visit from Kaya, she works for the PDSA.  Kaya taught us the 5 main things a pet needs-

  1. Home
  2. Food and water
  3. Friends
  4. Exercise
  5. Healthy


Kaya read us a story about a dog called Spike that had flees!  Leo dressed up as vet to help Spike get better. 




Our topic this half term is Time Travel




Class Timetable


Monday: a.m.  Worship, Phonics, Guided Reading, Literacy/Numeracy

p.m.  Topic activities.

Tuesday: a.m. Class Worship, Phonics, Guided Reading, Literacy/Numeracy

p.m.  P.E., Music, French.

Wednesday: a.m. Worship, Phonics, Guided Reading, Literacy/Numeracy

p.m. Topic activities.  

Thursday: a.m. Father Paul Worship, Phonics, Literacy/Numeracy

p.m.  R.E./PSHE

Friday:  a.m.  Phonics, Guided Reading, Literacy and Numeracy

p.m. Marvellous Me, Children's choice and Achievement Assembly