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WALT recognise The Qur'an and understand why it is important to Muslims.


Do you have objects that are important to you?

Perhaps special toys, book, pictures or clothes. Think about why these things are special to you.


We know that there are lots of special things for Christians such as Bibles, crosses and objects such as the font, altar, pews, lectern, pulpit and stained glass windows.


We are now going to be learning about some special objects for Muslims and understand why these are important to them. We are starting by learning about the special book for Muslims called the Qur'an. 


Watch the video, look at the powerpoint and the picture I have taken of the Qur'ans we have in school.




I would like you to write some sentences to explain why The Qur'an is important to Muslims.


The Qur'an is important to Muslims because....

The Qur'an is a special book for Muslims because....

Introduction to The Qur'an and why it is important to Muslims.

Reading of the powerpoint

Still image for this video

Images of the Qur'ans we have in school.