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Physical and Mental Well Being

Tune in each day at 9am on YouTube to access the daily PE workout by Joe Wicks.

Mental Well Being

A Moment of Calmness

Take some time to lie down in a quiet place and listen to some relaxing music with your eyes closed. A chance to refocus before restarting your learning.


Cosmic Kids Yoga have a variety of yoga, mindfulness and relaxation videos to follow online. Let us know which ones you’d recommend to a friend.


Starfish meditation – this is a great way to refocus the mind.  Spread your fingers on one hand like a star fish.  Slowly, trace your finger, from the other hand, around your fingers and hand.  Continue until you feel calm.


OK breathing – Make an ‘ok’ sign on your tummy and slowly breathe in and out.  This sign is to represent that it is ok to feel different emotions.  No emotions are bad.  Emotions change and you won’t feel like that forever.


Using a sheet of paper, take your pencil for a walk, without taking it off the paper, and then colour the sections you have created in different colours.