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Year 4 Pioneer Centre Residential

Year 4 Pioneer Centre Residential.


Year 4 went to the Pioneer Centre on Monday 25th April – Wednesday  27th April with Clent Parochial Primary for a residential trip to experience a range of activities that developed their independence, team building, social and physical skills.  Mrs Anderson and Mrs Clements went with the children and have expressed how proud they were of the children who attended as they pushed themselves to achieve the most out of the experiences on offer and supported each other in every way. ‘They were a total joy to work with.’  They mixed well with the children from Clent who they will meet up with again on future pyramid events.   The centre staff praised the children for their behaviour, effort and team spirit.  From their excited tales over the following two days, it seems that they all thoroughly enjoyed their experiences. They were a credit to school, themselves and their parents.