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Year 2 Black Hole Mobile Planetarium

The school was visited by what looked like a huge domed tent on 16th October.  This was the Black Hole Mobile Planetarium which had come to school for our Year 2 children; their topic this half term has been all about 'Space'. 

Firstly, the children entered the planetarium and were shown photographs of the planets and images of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon.  They were shown a model of the rocket and they looked at how it came apart at different times during the journey to the Moon.

Then, all the lights inside the planetarium were turned off so that it was very dark and projections of the stars with an overlay of pictures linked to Greek myths were looked at and the stories told.  The children were shown where on the pictures the stars were positioned so that finally, the pictures were removed and the children had to find the constellations themselves.

This experience added to the Year 2's science curriculum and helped to explain about space, the planets and stars to a greater extent and in a fascinating way.