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WW1 Dance & Drama Project

WW1 Dance & Drama Project


The Year 3, 4, & 5 pupils worked with two professional creative artists from Ingestre Hall at the start of the week beginning 16th November to carry out a project linking dance and drama to the work they have been covering in respect to World War 1. The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund that the school applied for last year.  Following the initial project, there were further funds left that the school was given permission to use for this extended project.

The children in Year 3-5 spent most of a day each with Cat the dance professional to focus on a particular aspect of WW1 that they were interested in.  They the put together dance movements to represent these.  Year 5 also learnt a set dance called 'The Bear Dance' from this era, which they also performed.  On the final day, each year group worked with Richard the drama professional to put narrative together with the dances and to help put each year group's dance together so that it flowed into one piece. 

The children  performed their work to the school, parents and community members on the afternoon of Wednesday 18th November.  It was wonderful to see the focus and concentration on all the children's faces as they performed their moving dance pieces.  It showed how much the children had remembered and used their knowledge from the work covered in the initial project and has given them a greater interest in dance and drama.