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Visiting Olympian: Kristian Thomas

The children took part in a sponsored gymnastics event this week.  They all put a lot of effort into the circuits planned for them and tried their best – there were lots of red faces and that also included the teachers!

The assembly with Kristian Thomas was also very informative.  Kristian told the children how hard he has had to train over the last 25 years since he was 5 years old to become an Olympian and gave some very valuable life lessons about persevering and working hard to achieve set goals.  His demonstrations amazed and delighted the children and adults alike and we all saw him perform forward and backward rolls, head and handstands.

From the children’s responses and involvement it looks like this will be something that they will remember for a long time.


A huge thanks to you all for your efforts in collecting sponsor money for this event. Together you have raised £911.45 for our PE department to spend on new equipment! 

We are extremely grateful for all of your help and support with this event!