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Marathon Kids

Marathon Kids.

Marathon Kids was launched on Tuesday 17th January.  Essentially, this encourages children to run laps around a set course, a little every day and over a long period of time to build up to running a marathon. During the launch, members of Year 5/6 will become Marathon Ambassadors and they will help to record the number of laps that children from all year groups run, giving them a lap band for each lap that is completed.  At registration, the children hand back their bands to be counted and this is entered onto an electronic record.  Children receive stickers and certificates for different significant distances such as 10k. We have introduced Marathon Kids so that this will give children a focus for part of their break-time as well as aid in developing determination, perseverance, a sense of competition and a healthy lifestyle.  It may even find the next best long distance runner! Later in the summer term, all schools that have signed up to run Kids Marathon are invited to a larger running event on a running track for a different experience of this sport. More news on this during the summer term.