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London Science Museum

Class 4 Trip: London Science Museum


Class 4 took an exciting trip to the London Science Museum on Tuesday 18th October, to support their on-going Science work in school. 

It was a very early start as the coach needed to depart at 7.00 a.m., but by 10.15 a.m. we had arrived.  The museum was enormous and spanned over four floors and was filled with exciting and interesting things.  We started on the ground floor looking at all the items to do with Space and saw what astronauts wear and eat as well as trying on their gloves to see how difficult it is to do fiddly jobs in space with them on.

In the afternoon we went to the museum's IMAX Cinema to watch a 3D film about the Earth and to find out about what life is like for an astronaut, what they see of Earth from space and what it tells them about how we are looking after our beautiful planet.  We also visited the area with interactive science experiments covering all aspects of science:  electricity, sound, light, friction, heat, colour, chemical reactions, magnetism to name just a few!

It was a fantastic day and very hands-on as we got to try everything.  Good behaviour all round - well done Class 4!