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Ingestre Hall Residential Arts Trip - Year 6


During the week beginning 29th September, Year 6 went to Ingestre Hall in Stafford along with Year 6 children from Clent Parochial Primary, St. Kenelm's CE Primary and Belbroughton CE Primary.  These children are all beginning their final year at primary school and the trip instigates the start of their transition towards being more independent, responsible and confident.  The week gives the children an opportunity to meet children who they will be moving to high school with and the chance to make new friends.  It also gives them the chance to taste what it is like to have greater freedom, independence and confidence in themselves.  Ingestre Hall is a residential arts centre and so the children also experience two chosen art forms out of five options:  dance, visual art, animation, drama and music.


The theme for the week was sustainability and was entitled:

'At One With Nature!'. 

This gave each art form a focus, with the dancers producing lyrical dancing around real life situations; musicians creating songs with important messages about how to look after our world; animations about how to look after bees and how to recycle bikes; drama about how to create a sustainable environment and silk paintings with eco messages from the artists.
As the children were working with professional artists, the quality of the work produced was fantastic, especially as this was produced in a short time frame.  Please go to the Class 4 page to hear the songs that the children created. 


Our Year 6 children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and feel like the experience will help them to be better learners at school as they realise that they are starting to grow up and need to be independent within their learning.  They also 'enjoyed' making their beds, the room inspections, cleaning and laying out the dining tables for meal times...families take note!
Whilst the children have enjoyed themselves, learning and developing new skills they have also been recording what they have been doing and what they have learnt in their Arts Award diaries.  These were completed during their time at Ingestre Hall and will now be sent away to be assessed so that the children can be awarded an Arts Award at Discovery level.  This is an introductory level and the children can use this award and build upon it to eventually achieve a Gold Award which holds the same recognition as the Duke of Edinburgh Award.  To find out more about this, visit the Arts Award site by clicking here or on the link below.


What is Arts Award?