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Children in Need 2015

Children in Need 2015.


The School Council have worked hard to organise fund-raising events for this year's Children in Need.  They first of all held an assembly for all the children to inform them of the Cake Bake Sale they intended to hold and to let the school know that they could all contribute by making cakes and decorating them with spots! 

The Cake Bake Sale was then held on Thursday after school and raised £217.97.  The cakes were all delicious and many parents and children commented that they wished they could have bought even more!

The following day, the School Council asked for contributions towards dressing in non-uniform.  They had previously sent out a mask template to decorate and the children had really become creative with the help of their families to create some fantastic designs.  This raised another £132.70, making a grand total of:



Well done to the School Council for organising successful fund-raising events towards this worthy cause and thank you to our families for all their support.