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Canon Sue

Visit by Canon Sue

School welcomed Canon Sue into school on Thursday.  This was the first time that the children and all staff had met Canon Sue, who is Fr. Paul's replacement. 

Canon Sue visited school to introduce herself and to explain what it means to be a Canon.  She showed the special garments that she has to wear when she sits in a reserved seat for her in Worcester Cathedral.  As she explained each piece, she dressed Mrs Clements up in this clothing.  Mrs Clements said that the outfit was quite heavy and warm to wear, which is needed when sitting in such a large place as Worcester Cathedral. 

We also found out that Canon Sue is not just responsible for Blakedown, but also that of Broome, Churchill, Belbroughton and Fairfield and looks after 156 readers across Worcestershire!

We will be welcoming Canon Sue into school and be visiting her in church more as the term progresses and we were glad to have been able to welcome her to the school.