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Blakedown Art Exhibition

Blakedown Art Exhibition


Over the first half term of 2016-17, all classes have learnt through an Arts topic.  This has given the children opportunities to study different artists, find out about their lives, their inspiration and their techniques.  The children have researched and written about these artists, as well as trying out the different techniques, making sculptures and mixing colours to create their own version of the artists work. 

On Tuesday 8th November, the children's work was put on display at the art gallery in Kidderminster Library and opened as:  Blakedown Art Exhibition.  Many parents and children attended during the opening evening to view the art work and to hear music composed and performed by the children which had been recorded on sound buttons.   

The art work remains in place for most of November, giving families ample opportunity to visit and also for members of the public using the library to view the creative work of the school.

​A selection of photographs showing parts of the exhibition are below.  For all pictures please visit our 'Performances and the Arts' page of the website.