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Bikeability Level 1 & 2


During the week beginning 10th October, Year 6 undertook a four day Bikeability Level 2 course.  This covered skills of riding a bike, indicating and braking safely as well as covering the Highway Code so that they would understand the rules and hazards of riding on the road alongside cars and other forms of transport.  The children were taken onto some of the quieter roads around the village and learnt about how to ride on the road safely, how to pass parked cards, turn in and out of side roads and use crossroad and roundabouts.  The children listened well and applied their skills to the new tasks given.  All those who took part in the course have passed.


Year 4 took part in a one day Bikeability Level 1 course during the same week.  This ensured that the children knew how to check their bikes for safety, as well as starting and stopping safely, changing gears and looking behind and around so that they are able to control the bike with one hand.  Their course remained on the playground and Year 4 also did very well as all those taking part also passed.


Well done to both year groups.