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Monday 25th January

Good Morning Year 3


If you are joining us for the Teams meeting at 9.45 please remember your paper and pencil for the spelling test and games.





Today, I would like you to write up your poem titled The Magic Box.

Use all the planning sheets you have completed.

Keep to the same pattern as Kit did with his poem. 




Your spellings this week are adverbs where the root words end in 'y' and has more than one syllable. Remember the rule take off the 'y' and add 'ily'


There are a couple of activities on BBC Bitesize linked below.

There is also some work for you to complete on Education City. Use your log-in to access it there.

There is also a collection of the bones that you can print out to build your own skeleton.

Page 1 shows which bones go where. Maybe try guessing where they should all go first and then check how you did with page 1.


Story time