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Monday 18th January

Don't forget to join us for the Teams session at 9.45 this morning if you can.

If possible print out the Renewable Energy Sources text to look at during the session.

And bring a pencil!wink




On sheet one you will see three strategies to solve each calculation. A pictorial strategy, a partitioning strategy and then the short multiplication column strategy. Complete all of the calculations.

Sheet two contains 15 short multiplications for you to practice. If you need to you can draw them out like on sheet 1.

For anyone who wants an extra challenge there is sheet 3. with three problems to solve.


This week we are doing some poetry.

Please watch the video clip of Kit Wright reading his poem 'The Magic Box' to a group of children.

Then illustrate the copy of the poem attached below. I will know you have read the poem correctly because you will have drawn the objects that are in the poem.


Your spellings this week are adverbs with the suffix -ly.

Sometimes the root word alters before the -ly is added. These root words remain unchanged.

Complete the Look, say, cover, write, check and correct chart.

Choose four of the words to put into sentences.


Below, is a lesson idea for 'the standing long jump' from Mr Newbold. If you have a different physical activity you would rather do - that is fine.

Remember there are all the GoNoodle activities which are lots of fun and Jo Wicks for those of you feeling really energetic!


In Science, today we are looking at healthy eating and planning healthy meals. Watch the Loom video to see what to do.

First read the poster about the different food groups and how much of each we should aim to eat each day. Then complete sheet two, copying the different food items from the list into the correct section on the plate.

Finally, plan your own healthy meal that has the correct amounts of the different food groups.