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Monday 16th

Message from Mrs Anderson

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I have recorded myself reading the Story 'Stone Age Boy' as a PowerPoint document. Please listen to the story. You simply need to click to turn the page or hear me read. The file was too large to upload as one so I had to put it on in sections. Then look at the task below the PowerPoint links.

I hope you enjoy it.

Literacy Task


Imagine that you are a friend of the boy in the story. When he tells you about his adventure you must have lots of questions about what he saw and found out.

1. Write a list of questions to ask the boy.

Remember to use the question words;

What,           Where,           When,           Why,             Who,            How


2. Now imagine you are the boy from the story.

Answer the questions.


Watch the PowerPoint or read the story of Noah's Ark. (Linked below)

Think about what type of person God needed.

Think about why Noah was the right person for the job.

What skills did Noah need?

What characteristics did Noah need?


Fill in the job description for the job God wanted done.