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Monday 14th December

Good Morning Year 3


During this week, we will be working on the 4 times table in Numeracy.

Below, I have linked a number of 4 times table songs and videos to help you learn the facts. You may haver others that you like to use too. I have also linked Hit the Button so you can practice the multiplication facts related to the 4 times table. TT Rock stars is also focussed on the four times table for this week.

You may like to write out the multiples of four a few times too to get them into your heads.

Remember try your best and have a go. 

Take care

Mrs Andersonsmiley




Watch the video, working out the calculations as you go and then complete the worksheet below. If you write out the answers in your book instead of printing out the worksheet make sure you write the title in your book so I know which piece of work it is.


Look at the picture of the Ice Palace and answer the questions about it.

You may like to use the dictionary and thesaurus skills you have developed to expand the vocabulary you use.


Read the text "On Rocky ground" again and use the text to help you match the information on the sheet. If you are not able to print out the sheet, you could copy out the matched information into your homework book.


Today we were due to start making our Christmas Cards.

I have put a link to the video we were going to watch. It shows the maker using white and green card but obviously you will have to use whatever you have to hand. 

It also shows using stickers and coloured dots. You can use anything you have at home or draw the decorations.

I cant wait to see what you come up with.