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It is my intention to use this page to give you weekly updates on some of the things we have been up to in school. I hope you will continue to send me updates via email and letters too. I hope this will help us to all feel connected as we move into this new phase. A small number of you will be in school from Monday (key worker families) while the rest of you remain at home. If you would like me to include any of the work you send me on this page of the website please let me know (you can put your initials on your work if you would like) and I can create a gallery area where you can all see what we have been up to. 


Hello Year 4,

We have been working on  our feather art activities but we have been finding them a bit tricky. Today we decided to do another 'How to draw' video.  This time we learnt to draw a dinosaur! 

Here's the link if you'd like to try it

What do you think of our drawings? If you have a drawing you would like to be included in this gallery remember to email it in.

Hi Year

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful sunshine!

Today we had an extra 15 minutes at the end of the day so we had a go at drawing elephants. Take a look at the slide show below if you want to see the results. This is the video we used to help us -

Hi Year 4,

I hope you all had lovely weekends! I managed to get out on my bike for the first time in ages! I did 19 miles to try and start building myself back up to cycling. I also had a lovely afternoon on  Sunday visiting my parents in their garden to celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary, that means they have been married for 40 years! Have a great week and keep working hard smiley


We have been experimenting with the colour blue in water colour this week, see our pictures below.

Hello Year 4

I hope you all had nice weekends smiley 

I had a very exciting weekend as I got to go and meet my new nephew, he was born on the 31st May and he is tiny! His name is Oakley and I am very happy to now be an auntie! It was lovely to take him some gifts and see him from afar (I had to stand in the garden and look at him through the open door to keep my distance).


I have added some more images of our crafts to the slideshow below. You will see we were inspired by 'Henri Matisse' to create our own spiral art-piece 'The Snail'. We also used paper plates but decided not to cut them into spirals as we preferred them as they were! Have a great weekend laugh


Today we have been doing some of the spiral craft. Have you done any yet? We hope you like our designs.

Hi Year 4


Today we have done the leaf rubbing craft. We rubbed over the leaf using crayon, once we had the pattern of the leaf on our paper we then went over the top with water colour. Check out the pictures below, have you tried this craft task yet?


I hope you have had a good start to the week! We have been doing some of the leaf craft activities. Check out the pictures of a our leaf characters...The Hulk and The Grinch! Have you created a leaf character yet?

What we have been up to this week

Hello Year 4,


For now I will update you on what I have been up to recently. A couple of weekends ago I held a virtual baby shower for my sister-in-law. It was really good fun, we had an afternoon tea theme which meant we all had lots of cakes and treats we could enjoy together over our video call. We played lots of games including guess the babies name and we had a guess the nursery rhyme quiz. The baby is due on the 3rd of June and I am very excited as this will be my first time of being an Auntie! 

When lockdown rules were eased slightly to allow us to go for exercise a bit further from home Sybil and I went for a walk at the Stiperstones in the Shropshire Hills. It was incredibly windy near the top and it felt a bit like we might be blown away! The views were fantastic and we hardly saw anyone else which was great. You will see a couple of pictures in the slideshow below.

On Tuesday this week I had to attend an emergency dentist appointment as I have been struggling with painful teeth. It turns out I had a wisdom tooth that was causing me a bit of trouble. I had to have it removed but luckily the dentist was very nice and it only took a few minutes. I was telling the dentist about my job as a teacher and he offered to let me keep my tooth so that I could show you all - I thought it was a bit gross so I said no thank you!

On Wednesday of this week I went into school to prepare the classroom with Mrs Anderson, as she and I will be sharing a classroom when we go back tomorrow. We spent some time with our tape measure and marking tape to make sure those of us who will be in the classroom know to keep our social distancing space.

On Thursday I took Sybil to the groomers. Sybil is a Border Terrier and because of her coat type she has to have a type of grooming called hand-stripping, this is where the coat is pulled out rather than cut off. I would normally stay to hold Sybil while she has her hair done but I wasn't allowed this time due to the new rules to help keep everyone safe. I felt a bit bad when I left her at the groomers but when I picked her up the groomer said she had been even better behaved than normal - so that was a relief. It takes an hour for the groomer to strip out Sybil's coat and she always looks like a different dog once it has been done. I have popped some pictures in the slideshow below so you can see how different she looks - she is tiny now!

I hope you have all had a wonderful half term with the glorious weather we have been having. I hope the new layout of work on the class page is nice and easy for you to follow. Stay safe and keep working hard.

Miss Waldron laugh