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Little Voices Competition

Little Voices Singing Competition at Merry Hill


Well done to our KS2 choir who took part in the Little Voices Singing Competition based at Merry Hill shopping centre.  They had been preparing a number of Christmas themed songs to perform for the competition and have been directed and supported by Mrs Marshall.  They choir sang a total of 6 songs, some traditional, whilst others were very new and one had a solo piece too.  The children looked extremely smart in their uniform, they kept their eyes on Mrs Marshall who was conducting and sang their hearts out.  The sound was amazing and they looked like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves, even though it was nerve wracking singing in a large area with a huge crowd and judges watching. 

They made us all very proud with their confidence and the sound they produced. The children also showed growing resilience when they were told that they had not made it into the final this year, but being given a chance to perform to a public audience has been a wonderful experience for them.


The feedback from the judges about their performance is as follows: 

The feedback from the judges has been incredible and they were impressed with your choirs smart uniform (although minimal Christmas attire), confident presentation and upbeat feel. Alongside the mixture of song choices, all of our judges were blown away with the strong solo performance. I feel it is important to highlight that collectively, your choir sang beautifully with strong harmonies and crowd engagement. The overall projection of the performance was great. I understand it is not much consolation at this stage, however, it was 1 deciding point that determined the outcome.


As previously mentioned, this year, the overall standard of all Christmas Choirs has been amazing and it has been difficult to choose.


We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate the effort in which all of the children have put into the choir performance and yourself for organising it for your school.


We hope to welcome your choir in the future and wish yourselves a very merry Christmas.