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Wednesday 3rd March 2021.


I can write the middle of my own version of a familiar story.


Today, I would like you to have a go at writing the middle part of your story where your character visits each of your 5 shops and buys the item they need.


Using your plan, introduce each shop using the shopkeeper's name (don't forget to check that you have used an apostrophe and s to mark possession correctly here!) and the number it is on the high street. This will be the order it appears in your story: one, two, three, four or five.


Then list some items that you might be able to buy in the shop using commas to separate items.


Then use your verb to show how your character enters the shop.


Don't forget that you then have to write no for the items that your character hasn't bought yet before writing but and then the item they have purchased from the shop that they have just visited.


I have written an example for you below and I have also uploaded the video again of Alice Melvin's story to help remind you how it goes.


Miss Low's version:


Miss Low's launderette is here at number one, with piles of clothes, boxes of washing powder and plastic baskets.

Joe spins into the shop.


No shiny shoes, no holiday brochures, no hair gel, no fish but his lovely, clean laundry.


Mr Frederik's fishmongers is here at number two, with every kind of fish inside that can be found in the big blue.

Joe floats inside.


No shiny shoes, no holiday brochures, no hair gel but a piece of fish.


Mr Bobbin's barbers is here at number three, with scissors snipping and razors buzzing and people chatting.

Joe cuts in line .

No shiny shoes, no holiday brochures but his hair gel.


Mr Thomas' travel agents is here at number four, Joe can see lots of excited people booking holidays through the large glass door.

Joe flies happily through the door.

No shiny shoes but his holiday brochures.


Miss Smith's shoe shop is here at number five, with shiny shoes, sandals and slippers lined up in pairs.

Joe steps inside.

He finds his shiny shoes.


The High Street by Alice Melvin.

Still image for this video