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Monday 1st March 2021.


I can select appropriate verbs to describe how my character enters each High Street shop.


On Friday we reminded ourselves what verbs are and what they do in a sentence.


Today we are going to look more closely at how Alice Melvin has carefully chosen verbs to describe how Sally enters each shop on the High Street.


Your task for today, is to chose a verb which tells us how your character enters each of the five shops you have planned for them to go into, in your version of this story.


Examples from The High Street by Alice Melvin:


Mr Foggins' sweet shop: Sally licks her lips with glee and opens up the door. 

Mr Botton's bakery: Sally's tummy rumbles as she skips in off the street.

Mrs Millard's music shop: Sally waltzes through the door while whistling a tune.

Mr Jomo's pet shop: Sally covers up her ears before she ventures in.

Mr Crispin's toy shop: Sally bounces through the door and lands inside the shop.


Notice that these verbs are present tense. Yours should be too.



Think of verbs that could be used to show how your character enters each of your five shops.


For example:


Miss Low's launderette - Joe spins inside

Mr Frederik's fishmongers - Joe floats in 

Mr Bobbin's barbers - Joe cuts in line

Mrs Thomas' travel agents - Joe flies through the door

Miss Smith's shoe shop - Joe steps inside