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Friday 26th February 2021.


I know what a verb is and can identify and use them in sentences.


As we continue to plan and work towards writing our own version of The High Street by Alice Melvin, we are going to be thinking of verbs and adverbs that we can use in our sentences.


This is because Alice Melvin has carefully chosen verbs and adverbs to use in this story to show the reader how Sally enters each shop, matching them to the type of shop or items sold there.


For example:



So today we are recapping what a verb is and spotting them in some sentences before we plan our own for the shops our character visits in our version of this story.


Look at the BBC Bitesize link on verbs and then complete the worksheet.

In the first part of the worksheet, you need to spot and underline the VERBS (action words). 


In the second part, you need to select the correct verb to complete each sentence. 

I would like you to complete and then write these sentences out in your book, so that you can also practise your Kinetic Letter handwriting.


Try and write out at least 3 of these sentences please!