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Thursday 25th February 2021.


I can plan my own version of a familiar story.


1. Using the planning template below, I would like you to decide upon five shops that your character is going to visit when you write your own version of, 'The High Street,' by Alice Melvin.


2. Then underneath each shop, I would like you to write the name of the shopkeeper. You can use alliteration in these if you would like to.


3. Decide upon one item that your character is going to buy from this shop. You can draw it and write what it is in the box.


These ideas can come from work that you have previously completed or be new ideas.


4. Draw the main character who will appear in your version of the story. In Alice Melvin's version it is Sally.


Draw your main character and give them a name.

Write some sentences about them using possessive apostrophes correctly.

For example:

Sally's hair is short, straight and black.

Sally's dress is red.

Sally's tights are blue.

Sally's basket is good for carrying her shopping.