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Wednesday 24th February 2021.


I can use apostrophes to mark singular possession in nouns.


Today we are linking our SPAG learning to our text, 'The High Street,' by Alice Melvin.


In this book we see apostrophes used for possession to show that the shops belong to the shop keepers.


Mr Botton's bakery. The bakery belongs to Mr Botton.

Mr Kumar's china shop. The china shop belongs to Mr Kumar.

Ms Yoshiko's antiques shop. The antique shop belongs to Ms Yoshiko.

Mrs Millard's music shop. The music shop belongs to Mrs Millard.

Mrs Jomo's pet shop. The pet shop belongs to Mrs Jomo.

Mr Crispin's toy shop. The toy shop belongs to Mr Crispin.

Miss MacDonald's flower shop. The flower shop belongs to Miss MacDonald.



In previous work, you thought of your own shopkeepers for some different High Street shops. 

I would like you to find these and re-write these, making sure that you use an apostrophe and s after the name of the shop keeper to show that the shop belongs to them.

For example:

Miss Low's laundrette.


Mr Fredrik's fishmongers.


Mrs Dancer's delicatessen.


If you cannot find this work, then pick 5 shops that you might find on the high street and create names for these shopkeepers (in previous work we tried to make these alliterative). 

Then use possessive apostrophes and s correctly to show that the shop belongs to them. 


We are going to be using these shops and shopkeepers names when writing our own versions of The High Street.