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Tuesday 23rd February 2021. 


WALT use apostrophes to mark singular possession in nouns.


Today we are consolidating our learning about the use of apostrophes to show possession.


Read the PPT below or watch the Loom video I have recorded where I talk you through it.


Activity 1:

Spot the possessive apostrophes in the first worksheet.

Use a crayon, highlighter or felt tip pen to draw a circle around any possessive apostrophes you can see.


I have recorded a Loom reading this so that you can listen and follow along.

If you cannot print the sheet, then write a list of words where apostrophes have been used to show possession.


Activity 2:

Complete the sentences by using possessive apostrophes correctly.

There are 3 sheets to choose from. 1* is the easiest and 3*** is the most challenging.

You can of course complete more than one of these if you like but the expectation is to complete AT LEAST ONE of these activity sheets.


There are some optional SATs style questions in the form of a mini-test.

You can choose to have a go at these if you would like to. 

Optional SATs style questions: