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Tuesday 9th February 2021.


WALT use commas to separate items in lists within sentences.


On Friday I asked you to write some noun phrases based on an illustration from our book, 'The High Street.' Yesterday we learnt how to use commas to separate items in a list.


Today, we are going to combine those two lessons and apply our growing knowledge and understanding of using commas to separate items in lists, by writing some sentences with lists in based upon our book.


Please look at the PowerPoint below and listen to the Loom which will help explain the learning and the activity you need to complete today.


Then complete the activities. You will need the You Tube video below for the final activity.

I hope that you enjoy these learning tasks today.

Learning PowerPoint and activities for today.

Generation Game Conveyor Belt Challenge

If you have enjoyed this game, then you could have some fun with your parents and create your own Generation Game at home and send it to me by email.


You could write a sentence with the list of items that you used in your Generation Game using commas and 'and' to separate the last two items.