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Thursday 4th February 2021.


I can discuss my favourite words and phrases.

I can recognise recurring literary language in stories.

I understand the books I listen to by drawing on vocabulary provided by the teacher.


Activity one:

Look at the Loom of the powerpoint provided below where we explore vocabulary related to different types of shops that you might find on the High Street. We will explore what they do or sell.



Listen to the telling of the story again.

Use your sequenced pictures or your story map from yesterday's lesson to join in with retelling the story.


Write down any words or phrases that you like or find interesting.

Also write down any new words that you do not understand and send these to me, as I will explain these in future lessons.

The High Street story reading

Still image for this video

Lesson powerpoint

Activity two:

Look at the Loom of the next part of the powerpoint. 

We are looking at some of the alliterative names used for some of the shops and the shop keepers in the High Street book.


I would like you to think of and create some alliterative owners and shops names for some of the different High Street shops that we looked at during the first powerpoint.


Remember our previous learning on alliteration from our poetry unit.

Alliteration is when words next or close to each other in lines begin with the same letter or sound.


Mr Botton's Bakery, Mrs Millard's Music Shop, Mr Hughes' Hardware shop etc...