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Wednesday 3rd February 2021.


WA becoming very familiar with a key story (The High Street by Alice Melvin).

WALT discuss the sequence of events in books.


Watch the video below where I have read the rest of the story. 

Did you predict the correct item that Sally bought off her list from the Greengrocer?

It was.....a bunch of grapes!


Today we are going to try and learn and remember the text. I have uploaded a video of a reading of the whole story from start to finish.


Activity 1:

I have uploaded a sheet with the front of the different shops that Sally visits on the High Street. Can you cut these out and stick them in the correct order that Sally visits them in the book? 

If you get stuck or want to check your work, then watch the video and pause it as you sequence the shops correctly, in the order that Sally visits them.


Activity 2:

I have drawn a story map for this book. We have drawn story maps before in class. Draw your own story map for our book, 'The High Street,' and then use it to practise retelling the story. Use the video to help you too.

The High Street by Alice Melvin.

Still image for this video
Reading of the whole story to support working at home.

Activity 1 worksheet. Sequence shops Sally visited on the High Street.

Activity 2. Draw your own story map and retell the story, 'The High Street,' by Alice Melvin. You can draw your story map straight into your homework book.

Example of a story map: