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Tuesday 2nd February 2021.


WA becoming very familiar with the story, 'The High Street,' by Alice Melvin.

I can predict what might happen on the basis of what has been read so far.


Follow the link below and watch me introduce and read most of our new book to you.


As you watch and listen, think about whether any of the shops that Sally visits on the High Street were in your list of shops yesterday. Did you write down any of the same items as Sally on your shopping list?


Look at Sally's shopping list in the resources section below. When we get to each shop on the High street, can you predict what Sally might buy off her shopping list from that shop.

I will reveal what she buys from the shop as we read the book together and you can cross the items off Sally's shopping list.


Can you predict what Sally will buy from the Greengrocer?

 There are only three items left on Sally's shopping list.


Your learning activity today is explained at the end of the Loom video.


You need a folded piece of paper. On the outside draw a Greengrocers. I have put a photograph of the illustration from the book to help you (but yours doesn't have to look exactly like this). On the inside I would like you to draw what you think the inside of the shop looks like. Draw Sally inside the shop, holding the item from her shopping list, that you think she is going to buy from Greengrocers. 



Sally's shopping list. Tick off the items that Sally buys at each shop on the High Street as you listen.

What I am looking for - example of completed task.